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Continuing Professional Development

The Medical Board of Australia CPD Registration Standard introduced new requirements that significantly changed CPD for clinicians. The latest changes in 2024 include "cultural safety & health inequity" training, to be completed with some time in each of the three categories.

Due to the top-down nature of the reform, CPD requirements are almost identical across most colleges. This includes >50 hrs of CPD activities, broadly divided into three catagories, as shown below. 


Slight differences do exist eg additional procedural skill development for those in ACEM. Please explore your college website to ensure individual compliance.


Flying Penguins workshops are specifically created with the intention of adhering with CPD guidelines for Catatories 2 and 3, which are the most elusive in day to day practice. With the addition of suggested workshop pre-reading as Catagory 1 activities, conference delegates are able to complete all common annual requirements.

Catagory 1: Education activities

Catatory 2: Reviewing performance

Catagory 3: Measuring outcomes

Annual Conversation, PDP, Cultural Safety/ Health Equity training

The Flying Penguins Workbook and Conference Certificate provide evidence of CPD compliance and completion. These will be available on the final day of the conference to allow CPD activity to be uploaded during the weekend.


As a privately organised conference, some colleges are unable to offically sanction specific conference content. Delegates can be reassured that random audit of previous participants confirmed the conference structure and CPD evidence are within guidelines.  

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