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The Long Lunch

Unlike other conferences which talk about work - life balance, at Flying Penguins we put this into practice. Delegates complete intense workshops each morning, then move on to long lunches with colleagues. 

Lunches provide delegates a further chance to complete the Flying Penguins Workbook, which includes topics of discussion for cultural safety activities, readings, and mentorship themes. 

Transfers to and from Adelaide will be available, you can indicate your interest during registration. This is in response to previous requests given the abundance of food and wine at conference lunches. 

max - table view waiter.jpg

Maxwell Winery Restaurant

Enjoy a 10 course 3-4 hr degustation menu

Set on the beautifiul Maxwell Winery

#1 restaurant in all regional SA

Enjoy one of the best restaurants in Australia

Max food - shels.jpeg

The Currant Shed

The most up and coming restaurant in the region

#2 restaurant in McClaren Vale

enjoy 11 dishes over 4 courses over 3 hrs of shared-plate dining

shed main2.jpg
shed pan big shot.jpg
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