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Conference Workshops

Keynote session: Exceeding patient expectations

How do you convince people to pay an extra $30,000 for a car with heated seats? Which strategies do luxury hotel chains use to optimise customer experience? What simple interactive techniques do global jewellery stores apply to establish trust and immediate rapport? 

In this workshop industry leading sales models will be presented by international expert Megan Brice. Delegates will then workshop how to apply those models to their own practice. The goal of this workshop is to find achievable, non-time dependant, novel ways to improve patient satisfaction and clinician practice.


By understanding which components of the care they deliver is important to their patients, clinicians will be better able to "measure outcomes" through patient questionnaires and other feedback tools.

Ms Megan Brice

Managing Directer & Owner of Integrity Solutions Centre Ltd, values-based performance enhancement company focusing on sales, service and leadership training.

Megan has a B.Soc.Sc. (Hons) degree & Masters level accreditation in psychological assessment. She has over 30 years of consulting & training experience in NZ and Australia. Her career began as a business psychologist & she has conducted 1000s of psychological assessments, matching people to jobs & helping identify their development needs. Megan introduced the Integrity Solutions programmes to Australasia in 1991 through Morgan & Banks. She was trained & mentored by the programmes’ author Ron Willingham. Megan’s focus is to help leaders translate strategy into action through their people, to enhance their culture, team performance & customer experience.

Life in the lions cage: getting the most difficult patients to jump through burning hoops

The AGRO+ de-escalation model aims at improving skills, knowledge & confidence in health care workers managing patients with acutely disturbed behaviours. It focuses on effective & empathetic communication with patients. The aim is to engage patients verbally, establish a collaborative relationship & then verbally de-escalate them out of their agitated state. De-escalation training will improve patient outcomes, increase patient safety, reduce the use of restrictive practices and enhance teamwork among healthcare workers.

This workshop is highly interactive, with participants having the opportunity to practice de-escalation skills through case scenarios with well-trained actors and expert facilitators.


Scenarios are predominantly adolescent, however this workshop is useful for anyone that works with angry patients or their families. In the current environment of avoidance of chemical and physical restraint, skills in this area are a necessity for every doctor.

Dr. Abdul-razaq Musa

Paediatric Emergency Physician at The Women’s & Children’s Hospital, SA; Faculty member of the Paediatric Mental Health emergency training coursePMH-ET; founder of International Resuscitation Group, Inc, SA; AMC examiner since 2010

His interests are emergency mental health care and promoting paediatric resuscitation skills and knowledge in the low resources areas. Courses designed by Dr Musa have been running since 2009 and can be found in many paediatric teaching hospitals and medical schools in Australia and Iraq.  

Dr Adrian Rozario

Paediatric Emergency Physician at The Women’s & Children’s Hospital, SA


Beyond clinical work Adrian actively engages in medical education and training being one of the co-Directors of Emergency Training for the ACEM trainees. He has been a faculty member of the Paediatric Mental Health Emergency Training Course (PMHET) since 2021.

Giving critical feedback & building resilience

The workshop is in response to emerging research that health managers and clinician supervisors are increasingly hesitant to give critical feedback due to concerns around the resilience of their trainees or staff.  

The workshop will begin with explanation of established models in building resilience in health care settings, including giving critical feedback. Topics will include promoting emotional resilience through self-awareness, improving team relationships, specific methods for managing emotional reactions and improving mental agility and resolve. The workshop aims to move beyond the "sandwich" and Pendleton models to produce strategies specific to the character and experience of the individual clinican.

Delegates will work in small groups to act out and respond to common scenarios to ultimately enable creation of a mentally tough workforce via improved individual skill set for giving critical feedback. 

Megan Thomas​​​​, Clinical Manager, Psychosocial Wellbeing

Chris Reynolds, Trainer, Corporate Health Group (CHG)

CGH are one of Australia's industry leaders in providing training programs in occupational health, with over 40 years of program development & training provision. CHG specialise in offering evidence-based internationally recognised programs that meet the needs of the individual within each training group. More than 10,000 businesses have received training programs through CGH. 

SDPD Workshop 2
Learning Environment & Culture

This workshop by RACP provides education for those supervising doctor training.

Teaching strategies to manage and overcome challenges supervisors face in a complex healthcare setting.

Strategies include planning for learning, differentiated instructions for multi-level groups, teaching techniques such as questioning, modelling professional behaviour.

Dr Venugopal Kochiyil

Pain Medicine Specialist and Rehabilitation Specialist

South Australian RACP Committee Member

Creating professional feedback forms

IT and Microsoft expert Daniel Brown returns this year to demonstrate and then guide delegates in the creation of professional feedback forms. Delegates have the option of paper-based or online forms. Workshop includes options for automatic collating and software integration. 

The workshop will also cover use of AI such as Copilot & Chat GPT in the creation of forms. 

The intention of this workshop is to leave with a work-ready completed form/s. The acquired skills can be applied to similar "measuring outcome" activities into the future. 

*Delegates must bring own laptop with Microsoft 365 to participate. Wifi available on site.

Daniel Brown

CEO of Archon Gnosis

Archon Gnosis is an industry leading company aimed at driving business evolution, transformation, and growth through the cutting-edge Microsoft 365 platform and associated information technologies

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